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Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Results and live updates

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It’s happening!


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is fighting YouTuber Logan Paul in an exhibition boxing match that takes place right now! Join along with our live updates here.

Given the obvious skill discrepancy, and the fact Logan Paul is massive compared to the diminutive Mayweather, it’s hard to predict what will happen.

Which is why the whole thing is so compelling and weird and… sort of unmissable.

You can find all the details on how to watch Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. here, but here’s a quick rundown.

Quick details

There are plenty of ways to watch, but perhaps the easiest is to buy on Fanmio. Anyone in any region can buy the PPV on the site and stream from there.

The fight card is only 4 fights deep.

  • Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul
  • Badou Jack vs. Dervin Colina
  • Jarrett Hurd vs. Luis Arias
  • Chad Johnson vs. Brian Maxwell

The card starts at 8 p.m. EDT (5 p.m. PDT) on Sunday, June 6, but the main event will not start before 10 p.m. EDT (7 p.m. PDT).

The lead-up

The Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight is already trending on Twitter. 

Logan Paul has been dropping some tweets about the event. To be honest, I get the feeling this is one massive publicity stunt for the dude, and you can’t really blame him. The fact he’s made this fight a reality is… wild.

Jake Paul, who is fighting former UFC champion Tyron Woodley later this year, had this to say…


Now feels as good a time as any to put a prediction into the ether… 

Logan Paul doesn’t have a chance is my take. Size matters in boxing, but not in the same as it does in grappling or MMA. Whereas there have been very few multi-division champions in the UFC, it’s far more common for boxing champions to move up in weight and defeat larger men. 

I just don’t think Logan Paul will be able to lay a glove on Floyd. Simple as that. He’s arguably the best defensive boxer in history. The only wild card here is he’s fighting someone dramatically less skilled than he’s used to. Does that change the types of punches Paul will throw? Does that mess with timing? Maybe. But I see Logan Paul getting excited, trying to hit Mayweather with huge shots that miss, and then very quickly getting tired. We’ll probably see a TKO is the 5th or 6th round.


This is absolutely a different vibe to the last Jake Paul fight, produced by Triller Fight Club. There’s no Snoop Dog, no Oscar De La Hoya ranting like wild person. This feels like a more sober, traditional boxing event. They even have Mauro Ranallo! Love this guy. He’s commentated everything from boxing to wrestling to MMA.

This is just a better production all up. Or maybe I’m just way too old to understand the appeal of Triller.

It’s interesting to see Ranallo absolutely setting up expectations for this one. He’s talking about Logan Paul being a promoter and an entertainer. He knows what most reasonable people know: this fight is a very strange freak show event and Paul has little to no chance here.

Chad Johnson vs. Brian Maxwell


Chad Johnson was sharp in the opening rounds, but got knocked down in the 4th.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This is the other “celebrity” boxing match on the card. 

Chad Johnson is a former NFL star and Brian Maxwell is an ex-MMA fighter. Despite being a massive MMA fan I’ve never heard of Maxwell, most likely because he had a 2-3 record and never came close to touching a major promotion. 

This feels like a bit of a set-up fight for Johnson, but who can tell. These crazy fights could go either way.

Round 1

Some wild exchanges in there.  Chad Johnson had the best of it with some accurate, hard shots, but looked a little tired in spots? 

Round 2

Forgot to mention that MMA legend Jorge Masvidal is in Johnson’s corner! Awesome.

Johnson is accurate with these shots man. Laser jabs, some great straight shots. Another round for Johnson for me. 

Round 3

Maxwell comes out strong in this round, initiating wild exchanges and loopy shots. Johnson absolutely looks like he’s starting to tire here. This could get messy.

Round 4

Whoa. Maxwell laid Johnson out with an absolute ripper of a right hook. He gets back up and survives the remainder of the round. Lucky this is a 4 round fight or it could have gotten tough for Johnson there.

All up a truly interesting fight. Johnson started out slick with the jabs, but tired fairly quickly. Since it’s an exhibition there’ll be no winner announced. Truth is the fight was close. 

Great one to start.

Jarrett Hurd vs. Luis Arias


Jarrett Hurt in better times. He lost tonight in a split decision.

Steven Ryan/Getty Images

This is the first of two legitimate boxing matches on this card. Keen to see how this one goes.

Round 1

Great start for Arias here, landing multiple heavy shots, particularly in the opening two minutes. Hurd did better when he took the initiative and moved forward, and landed some clean tight uppercuts at close range. Fun first round.

Our score: 10-9 Arias

Round 2

Weird start with rain getting on the canvas and Arias slipping? Wild. This could be a problem moving forward for all the fights. And then they had issues restarting the clock? 

Fantastic round here, with both fighters throwing heavy leather. Arias was landing huge shots that Hurd seemed to just walk through.  Every time Hurd landed, however, he appeared to do damage.

That said, Arias landed a huge shot in the final 30 seconds that appeared to stagger Hurd. Incredible 3 minutes of fighting.

Our score: 10-9 Arias

Round 3

Hurd is just taking heaps of punishment here with Arias getting in tight and just throwing nothing but power shots. Hurd appears to be wearing it well, however, and when they finally break, he appears to land a few from the outside.

Our score: 10-9 Arias

Round 4

A better round for Hurd here, but Arias still takes it for me. His right hook from inside simply cannot miss. 

Our score: 10-9 Arias

Round 5

This is shaping up to be a war of attrition. Hard one to score, probably Hurd’s best round, so I’ll give it to him.

Our score: 10-9 Hurd

Round 6

Arias landed big shots in this round but it really starting to look tired. At points Hurd was able to just walk him down. Hurd could potentially take over this fight in the remaining rounds.

Our score: 10-9 Hurd

Round 7

A round marred by two low blows from Hurd, but a tough one to score. Again I’m giving this one to Hurd, who marched forward and appeared to land the biggest blows.

Our score: 10-9 Hurd

Round 8

Big round for Arias who landed crisp, fast combinations inside. Hurd appeared to fatigue in the last minute, which allowed Arias to really take the initiative. This fight has been fantastic so far.

Our score: 10-9 Arias

Round 9

Round opens with a flash knockdown for Arias, who protests. I’d need to see the replay. He comes out furious at the call and starts wailing on Hurd, clearly winning the remainder of the round.

Our score: 9-9

Round 10

What a round! Arias and Hurd are just smacking each other here and Arias appears to get the best of it, legitimately hurting Hurd for maybe the first time in the fight. Hurd appears to knock Arias down just at the bell, but it’s not scored.

I’m scoring this one for Arias.

Our score: 10-9 Arias

Our final score: 96-93 

Official scores: Split decision 95-94 Hurd, 97-93 Arias, 96-93 Arias.

Badou Jack vs. Dervin Colina


Badou Jack is back.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Badou Jack is stuck here with a last minute replacement after his previous opponent, Jean Pascal, tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Jack is heavily favoured against the replacement Colina, but who knows what happens?

Round 1

Badou Jack comes out strong with a lightning fast jab, but hits Colina with a low blow early. Not much activity from Colina here.

Clear round for Jack here.

Our score: 10-9 Jack

Round 2

A point taken from Colina for holding, and Jack is just extremely aggressive. A late counter from Colina isn’t enough to take the round here.

Our score: 10-8 Jack

Round 3

Another point for holding for Colina, who looks completely out of his depth here. Colina was hurt and grabbed Jack to recover. Again a late flurry from Colina isn’t enough. Jack is cruising.

Our score: 10-8 Jack

Round 4

Colina hits the canvas twice in the opening minute, being completely overwhelmed by Jack. Then, in the final seconds of the round, gets knocked down for the third and final time. Pretty poor showing from Colina, even coming in as a last minute replacement.

Jack Badou wins by TKO

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul

Unreal. This is about to happen. This is the world we occupy — a YouTuber facing off against maybe the best boxer of all time. What will happen? I’m fairly certain Logan Paul gets tired in three or four rounds and Mayweather does whatever he likes, but who the hell knows. I’m tuning in like the rest of the world because I love a freak show.

Let’s go I guess…

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