Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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OnePlus N200 5G will cost less than $250

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OnePlus recently confirmed that it would launch an affordable 5G device, the N200 5G, in North America, and has revealed a few more details — and a photo of the phone — to PCMag. Most notably, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau says that the N200 5G will cost less than $250 and will include a 90Hz screen.

Lau says the N200 is “fully upgraded from OnePlus Nord N100,” a big-battery, budget 4G phone launched in the US earlier this year. He says that the N200 will get a 6.49-inch 1080p display, which will be a resolution boost from the N100’s 6.52-inch 720p screen. Its 90Hz refresh rate will make motion and animations on screen appear a bit smoother than the standard 60Hz rate. It’s a feature not often seen in the budget class, outside of OnePlus’s own Nord N10 5G, also launched earlier this year.

The N200 also appears to offer a camera array similar to the N100’s, with three rear cameras accompanied by a flash. OnePlus hasn’t confirmed an official launch date for the device yet.

For now, OnePlus appears to be focusing on bringing its high-end flagships like the OnePlus 9 Pro and low-end budget offerings like the N100 and N200 5G to North America, while reserving midrange phones like the Nord and upcoming Nord CE 5G for European and Indian markets. That’s a sensible approach, especially considering the gap in the affordable and prepaid device market that LG is leaving in the wake of its departure.

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