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Amazon Prime Day 2021: 42 Best Kitchen, Home, Kids Deals

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This year finds us in a much different place than last year. Instead of hunkering down for a chilly, lonely winter, we’re flinging aside our face masks and getting ready to return to the outside world. However, if you’re having friends over for the first time in more than a year, you might still need help vacuuming the living room carpet. Or maybe you’re styling your hair to appear in public for the first time in a loooong time and have forgotten how to do it! If that’s the case, we can help! We perused all of Amazon’s Prime Day deals to find the best ones for you, your kids, and your dusty corners and kitchen counters.

Note: We regularly update articles and strike through items that sell out or rise in price as of publishing, and mark discounts based on recent product pricing or average price, not MSRP. Be sure to check discounts for yourself. Our picks come from research and our extensive experience reviewing products. You’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription to get most of these deals.

Updated: We’ve added new deals on a self-emptying Roomba, two Kindles, the Coravin, a BarkBox subscription, and a nice Theragun alternative. We’ve also updated pricing throughout.

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Instant Pot Duo Plus

Is it even Prime Day without an Instant Pot deal? Lots of Instant gadgetry is on sale, including its first-ever air purifier, but this is the Instant Pot that I (Adrienne) use almost every week, years after purchase. You can also turn it into an air fryer with a lid attachment.

If you’re a fan of sparkling water, you can also reduce the number of single-use bottles that you use with this slim countertop carbonator. Just add your own flavorings and push the button on top to add the appropriate amount of fizz.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

Photograph: Zojirushi

This is perennially one of our favorite travel mugs. It’s attractive, durable, compact, comes in a variety of colors, and keeps coffee hot for hours. (I have to let my coffee cool a little before sealing it.)

If you’re trying to reduce your plastic waste, we’ve recommended these reusable bags for years. I particularly like that they don’t need an extra attachment to seal the bag, so you can throw them in the dishwasher and put them away without looking for another part. 

Keurigs aren’t the most sophisticated coffee makers that we’ve tried, but they’re extremely convenient, compact, and reliable. You can also use refillable pods if the waste bothers you. 

A gleaming array of All-Clad pans is a worthy wedding registry addition. But for most of us, solid nonstick cookware can be had for a much cheaper price. I (Adrienne) own several pots and pans from this set, and they’re sturdy, don’t stick, and heat evenly. What more can you ask of a pan?

Lodge Enameled Dutch Oven

Photograph: Amazon

A Le Creuset is also a worthy purchase, but my cast-iron Lodge pans have lasted just as long and required equally little maintenance. Six quarts is big enough to make stew for a family dinner, and it comes in a wide range of colors.

This is the lowest price ever for this wine preservation system. We’ve written about Coravin before and the gadgets have a bit of a cult following. It essentially lets you pour wine out of a bottle without removing the cork, preventing it from oxidizing and thereby making the bottle last longer. 

Zojirushi’s rice cookers have a microcomputer (or “micom,” to use the Japanese portmanteau) that makes minute adjustments to avoid burned spots and soggy bits, whether you’re making white rice, brown rice, oatmeal, or steaming vegetables. This is probably the deal that I (Adrienne) will end up buying.

Eero Pro Mesh Router

Photograph: Eero

Since Amazon bought Eero, it has dropped the price on it during deals holidays, along with Kindles and other Amazon devices. However, that means this is still a good time to pick up a Wi-Fi extender if you recently moved to a bigger property, and Amazon promises the devices won’t spy on you.

This is our favorite air purifier for small rooms, rated up to 361 square feet. It’s attractive, slim, and won’t take up much space in the corner of a room. It’ll automatically kick on when it detects pollutants in the air, though it’s not the quietest.  

If the floors of your house get serious wear and tear from multiple pets or kids, this all-in-one vacuum and steam cleaner is an affordable way to clean carpet, rug, and hardwood quickly and easily. I (Adrienne) own the larger version of this steam-vac and use it when my preschoolers have gotten the carpet mysteriously funky.

Photograph: Amazon

We’ve loved the basic Kindle for years, and now that it comes with a backlight, it’s the model we recommend in our Best Kindles guide. This is the best price we’ve seen in 2021. Plus, it comes with three months of Kindle Unlimited, which lets you read a huge number of ebooks for free. It’s $10 a month after the trial.

If you can spend a little more, and you’re a bathtub or beach reader, the Kindle Paperwhite is worth the extra cash. It features an IPX8 rating, which means you can chuck it in 2 meters of water (not that you should try that). Otherwise, it’s very similar to the standard Kindle. Read the differences here. This price is for the 8-gigabyte option; if you listen to a lot of audiobooks (which take up more space), you might want to spring for the 32-gig model for $105.

Roborock S6 MaxV

Photograph: Roborock

This is the lowest price ever for this robot vacuum. It’s in our Best Robot Vacuums guide, and you can read more about it in our review. If you have a pet, it’s great. It has powerful suction and has cameras that can identify and avoid obstacles (even pet poop). Our top pick, the Roborock S4 Max, is also on sale for $310 ($120 off).

I (Adrienne) test a new robot vacuum every month, and I am continually shocked at how iRobot Roombas remain among the best-performing models for the money. I’ve tested several Roombas in the 690 series, and this is the best price you’ll find for one outside of Black Friday or other holiday sales.

This is the lowest we’ve seen this robot vac drop in several months. It’s much more expensive than the Roomba above, but it comes with the added luxury of emptying itself for up to 60 days before you have to think about it.

The August smart locks fluctuate in price a lot and drop to this price during big sales, but this is the lowest price that we usually see. These Yves Béhar-designed locks install in minutes, use your deadbolt, and work with Siri and HomeKit.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Photograph: Ecobee

The full discount appears at checkout. Ecobee’s smart thermostat is still my favorite smart thermostat. Extra sensors pick up the temperature in different parts of your house and adjust your HVAC system accordingly so that you never lunge out of bed, sweating, in the middle of the night or find your fingers turning to icicles in your office. 

The price on the Ecobee camera is about $10 less than previously seen deals on the net, though this camera has been on sale for $80 a few times this year. This is a useful camera to choose if you like Ecobee’s smart thermostat or whole-home system.

Many people, including us, find Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras to be immensely useful. On the other hand, it’s hard to find a brand that we trust that hasn’t had a security breach or doesn’t share info with law enforcement. In our testing, we’ve found Arlo cameras to be reliable and the picture crisp. An outdoor floodlight adds an extra layer of a deterrent to would-be yard invaders.

Even with the advent of Apple’s AirTag, Tile is still one of our favorite trackers to find all your stuff. This two-pack comes with both a Pro and a Slim tile. The Pro attaches to your keys, and the Slim slides in your wallet, making it a perfect one-two combo for your three-point check before you walk out the door.

Lego Star Wars A-Wing set

Photograph: LEGO

A lot of Legos are on sale, so it was hard to pick just one. We like the A-Wing because, as we all know, it’s extremely fast and maneuverable though difficult to pilot and too small to fit an astromech droid behind the cockpit. (We watch a little too much Star Wars here.) This set is $5 cheaper than the lowest price it’s ever been and will appeal to kids and adults alike.

This is also a very exciting deal, as this enormous Magna-Tiles set has never been this cheap. I (Adrienne) never quite understood the appeal of Magna-Tiles until I had preschoolers and saw them making everything from multilevel castles to ice cream cones and drum sets.

The price is $78 until checkout, which is a good discount, but if you click the 5-percent-off coupon button, it drops a bit further. Even our most cynical Gear Team parents love the Osmo sets for taking activities off the screen and into the physical world. There are a bunch of Osmo sets on sale, but this is a good one to try if you haven’t used them yet. (You’ll also need an iPad that runs a minimum of iOS 10.)

Nixplay Digital Picture Frame

Photograph: Nixplay

If you have long-distance, tech-phobic family, a digital picture frame is the best way to feel connected—much less complicated than telling your grandmother how to operate a tablet. Our favorite frame, the Aura Carver, is also on sale for $169 ($30 off), but it’s been that price on and off for a while. We have several more picks in our roundup of the Best Digital Picture Frames.

If your kids are starting to venture into the wild, this is a great price for a starter explorer kit. It comes with binoculars, a magnifying glass, and a butterfly net for catching any creepy-crawlies around your house. The $2 discount here is pretty sad, but the kit should still make kids very happy.

We generally prefer RF baby monitors over Wi-Fi-enabled ones, but there’s no denying that being able to check in on your kid from anywhere, and being able to pan and tilt the camera, is immensely useful. This is a much cheaper Wi-Fi-enabled alternative to our top pan-and-tilt pick, the Eufy Spaceview.

This K’Nex set comes with battery-powered motors suitable for putting together Ferris wheels, cars, and maybe even a drone if you or your child has the nerve. It comes in a convenient suitcase box and is probably best suited for older kids.

Amazon Echo Dot Kid Edition

Photograph: Amazon

The kid version of the Echo Dot includes a year of Amazon Kids+, which remains my favorite content platform for younger kids. It also sounds great and has a two-year, worry-free guarantee, in addition to a variety of cute spherical faces. I use one to set alarms for my kids in the morning, to check the weather as we’re getting dressed, and to tell stories during quiet time.

Cubcoats makes some of our favorite face masks for kids. These are big on smaller kids, but my daughter is now 6 and they fit reasonably well.

FridaBaby has made waves for making cute, cheeky baby and postpartum recovery kits that are indispensable for new parents. This is the lowest price we’ve seen on this postpartum kit for new moms, which includes everything you need for the first critical few weeks after birth.

The NoseFrida is part of the Baby Basics Kit, and it works

Photograph: Fridababy

Because my children are now preschoolers, I (Adrienne) already own everything in this kit. However, I may order it again for replacements. The Snotsucker is a necessary tool for de-snotting toddlers with a cold, and you can never have too many tiny nail clippers.

These sets usually go on sale only once or twice a year. My (Adrienne’s) children own a smaller version. If I never hear “Marble ruuuuun!” ever again, I would be happy, but they would be extremely sad. It’s endlessly entertaining and teaches them about gravity, in that marbles go down but also run all over the floor and under my feet.

My family has gone through so much Play-Doh during the Covid-19 pandemic. This set comes with 12 colors and 47 (47!) types of modeling tools.

Parenting includes dogs, right? BarkBox’s monthly subscription box is half-off until June 22, and it comes with two dog toys, two bags of dog treats, and a chew (you can choose a box based on your dog’s size). Just remember that it will auto-renew at $35 per month, so set a reminder to cancel it if you don’t want to continue subscribing.  

Bathroom and Personal Care Deals

Withings Body Cardio

Photograph: Withings

The price on this smart scale drops frequently but never quite this low. Of the smart scales that we’ve tried, this one can be a bit finicky since it doesn’t have exposed electrodes. But we like that you can recharge it via Mini USB, and Withings’ app and its suite of health care tools are very simple.

Click the coupon on the page to get some of this discount; the rest is taken out at checkout. This is our favorite electric toothbrush. It’s more affordable than any other smart brush we’ve tried when it’s not on sale, and this is the lowest we’ve seen it. It’s slim and light, with accurate tracking via an app that shows you exactly where you’re missing. Better yet, you don’t have to have the app open every single time you use it. You can still collect points (which translates to a few dollars off replacement brush heads) by connecting the brush to your phone every 10 days.

I (Adrienne) wouldn’t say that I liked the Halo, and you may not either, but it is also the only fitness tracker I’ve ever used that purports to track emotions. As I discovered, it can be a useful tool if you’ve found yourself squabbling with your partner after a stressful year.

The price of 23andMe’s genetic test kits drops numerous times each year, but at 50 percent off, we still think this is a great deal. Just do your best to make sure you have as few skeletons in the closet as possible before you send in your test.

The prices on Fitbit’s more affordable trackers also drop pretty regularly, but not predictably. If you’ve been looking for an affordable fitness tracker to jump-start a new exercise habit, I (Adrienne) like the Inspire’s small size a lot, and Fitbit still has the best user interface for beginners. The Sense is on sale as well.

Photograph: Hot Tools

Most people have heard of the cult-favorite Revlon One-Step for drying and styling your hair, but Hot Tools makes a version with a detachable top that can work with a variety of attachments. I like the round brush here, but you can also buy the volumizer or paddle brush separately.

This is a great little massager that adds a heating element to the handle—being able to soothe sore muscles with both heat and pressure is a huge upgrade for a relatively cheap percussive device. Plus it’s compact and light, so you can bring it with you wherever you need, like the gym or for a midday massage during work.

$150 seems like a lot for a toothbrush, until you get used to using one and your teeth feel vaguely grotty without it. This brush is attractive and effective, even if the app and its smart features leave something to be desired. This is also the lowest price we’ve seen on the DiamondClean for years.

If you’d like to check more deals yourself, here are some links to sales going on this week.

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