Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Lego’s $350 Home Alone set is a nearly 4,000 piece behemoth – MobileSyrup

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Fans of Home Alone can now relive the movie in Lego bricks, thanks to a newly revealed — and incredibly large — Lego Ideas set.

At 3,955 pieces, the Lego Ideas Home Alone set is massive, but it needs to be to capture everything in the McCallister’s iconic house. Both the exterior and interior of the house are true to the movie and include the ground and first floor, kitchen, basement and attic.

The whole house opens up so you can enjoy the various antics and traps, including the clothes iron hitting Marv’s face, dropping the paint can, releasing Buzz’s tarantula and more. You can also lift off the roof to access the attic, and all the floors come apart so you can interact with them from above too.

The set includes the scary basement furnace — complete with a light-up brick so it glows — and a gear you can turn to spin the train set and turntable Kevin used to make it look like people were home in the movie.

Those interested in learning more can check out a full review of the set from The Brothers Brick, which notes that it includes a few never-before-seen bricks.

The set will be available starting November 1st for $349.99 in Canada from Lego’s online store. You can also check out the blog post on the Ideas website for more high-res imagery and some video of the Home Alone set.

Image credit: Lego

Source: Lego Via: The Verge

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