Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Tesla increases price of Model Y in Canada with delayed expected delivery – MobileSyrup

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Tesla, like other automakers, is experiencing a shortage of semiconductors, which has resulted in a price hike for its vehicles in the United States. That cost hike is now hitting Canadian buyers as well with the recent increase in Tesla Model Y pricing.

The Model Y Long Range now starts at $74,990, up from $70,990 two weeks ago. The high cost of the car also makes it ineligible for any provincial or federal electric vehicle tax rebates in Canada.

The exact vehicle was priced at $69,990 in mid-August 2021. See images below for reference:

Further, compared to last year’s prices, Tesla has increased the cost of other models, including:

  • Model S Long Range — Mid 2020 price: $105,990 — Current price: $121,990 — Expected delivery: June
  • Model X Long Range — Mid 2020 price: $112,990 — Current price: $132,990 — Expected delivery: September
  • Model 3 Standard Range Plus — Mid 2020 price: $52,990 — Current price: $54,990 — Expected delivery: June

While the semiconductor shortage is one of the primary reasons behind the price increase, the growing demand for Tesla vehicles is a contributing factor too. The Model Y Long Range was sold out in Canada in August, with expected delivery dates for January. A quick peek on Tesla’s website now indicates that the vehicle will be delivered in May, five months after what Tesla initially promised. Further, bugs plaguing Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software aren’t helping the company either.

On the other hand, Tesla has finally started shipping new Model X vehicles with yoke steering wheels, with Canadian deliveries expected soon.

Source: Tesla

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