Friday, January 27, 2023
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Why Talk About It Now? – Gigaom

Software innovation and delivery are on the top of just about any forward-thinking executive’s priority list these days, and businesses are doubling down on software optimization development efforts. Value stream management (VSM)—a lean business practice that allows for visibility over...

Vendors to Watch in Performance Testing Tools – Gigaom

Figure 1. GigaOm Radar for Evaluating Performance Testing Tools As we noted in a previous article, the market for performance testing tools is heating up. Why? Because performance testing—which is a process that tests software applications under particular loads and...

Understanding Vulnerability Management – Gigaom

No organization wants its name in the headlines because of a security incident or data breach, but major security incidents occur globally on a near-daily basis. The threat landscape is daunting. Industrious criminals know how to exploit software vulnerabilities...

Serverless Vs Self-Managed – Gigaom

NoSQL databases store data differently than relational databases and come in several different “types” based on their data model. Because of the massive demand for data at almost all companies, NoSQL databases have seen robust growth in the past...

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In November 2019, Matt Hancock, then the United Kingdom’s health secretary, unveiled a lofty ambition: to sequence the genome of every baby in the...